Llangollen dog friendly accommodation - we mean it!

We say in our advertising that Velvet Cottage is Llangollen dog friendly accommodation. To be truly dog friendly, the garden has to be escape-proof. The plastic meshing we were using as a fence has succumbed to several canine escape attempts, so we've replaced it with a wooden fence complete with concreted posts and chicken wire. Try getting out of that! 

Our annual maintenance week at Velvet Cottage concludes today. Out of a list as long as your arm, everything down to the wrist has been completed! The only outstanding major job not completed is the hedge trimming, as it's just been too wet. When is it going to stop raining?

Well, it happened. Our new three piece suite arrived on time and looks absolutely fabulous! Pictures will follow in the next couple of days, once the garden fences and walls have been painted and the new dividing fence has been installed. A busy but very rewarding few days!

In the week before replacing our old sofas with new ones, we've had two 5 star reviews. If our guests are happy at the moment, they are going to be absolutely ecstatic when the new sofas arrive - fingers crossed!!

Whisper it quietly, but it looks like we're going to be purchasing a new three piece suite, a 3 seater, 2 seater and single seater with oak frames and leather upholstery. There's a lot to sort out yet, but if we do manage it, Velvet Cottage will definitely be getting the WOW!!!! factor.