Everybody needs a holiday - even holiday cottage cleaners.
Our cleaner took a very well deserved holiday this week and we've been doing the changeover cleaning, as well as sorting the new recycling system and a bit of garden maintenance. To be honest, it never felt like work as the cottage has such a calming vibe to it and the setting is so spectacular. Even the tyre blow-out on the way home did little to dampen our spirits! Our run of rave reviews has continued so we must be doing something right...

Velvet Cottage is a Denbighshire Ambassador

Denbighshire County Council run an excellent online course about the huge number of tourist attractions in the historic county of Denbighshire. The owners of Velvet Cottage completed the course up to Gold standard, so if you want to know absolutely anything about this fabulous destination, just ask and they are bound to know the answer (maybe.....)

Llangollen dog friendly accommodation - we mean it!

We say in our advertising that Velvet Cottage is Llangollen dog friendly accommodation. To be truly dog friendly, the garden has to be escape-proof. The plastic meshing we were using as a fence has succumbed to several canine escape attempts, so we've replaced it with a wooden fence complete with concreted posts and chicken wire. Try getting out of that! 

Our annual maintenance week at Velvet Cottage concludes today. Out of a list as long as your arm, everything down to the wrist has been completed! The only outstanding major job not completed is the hedge trimming, as it's just been too wet. When is it going to stop raining?